Easy Does It - Paint Like A Pro

Believe it or not, painting your house yourself is actually quite do-able! In this month’s edition the videos will show you how easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy it really is! It’s no Ripley’s Believe It or Not but it sure stunned some first-timers at how effortless it is and how everyone’s going to be able to save some cash because hired help is no longer needed. Are you ready for these DIY makeovers?
Tip: Need new furnishings from your room? Jotun’s Colour Card is designed for homeowners to mix and match colours easily; any decor pieces (rugs, lamps, frames, sofa, etc) that shares the same colours as our colour palette within the theme would match the colour well.

Embracing Colour

One way to remove the average stillness and dullness of your home is to give it the Scandinavian touch of Jotun’s 2093 Rouge Noir from the Everyday Beauty theme. Just one wall in this shade and it turns a whole room into a new setting.  This theme is best accompanied with rustic bronze coloured fittings or decor pieces with a feminine touch.

Cosy Lil’ Nook

There are times when we get stuck with a space that we aren’t exactly sure what to do with. Here’s a swell idea that takes you from boring to calm tranquillity with Jotun’s 7555 Soft Mint and 7163 Minty Breeze from the Everyday Balance theme. Throw in some natural and industrial looking decor pieces like wooden frames for that dash of antique uniqueness along with some plants and you are done!

Infusing Warmth

Recreate a sunset in your own home with Jotun’s 10577 Golden Light from the Everyday Simplicity theme. Using the same colour on both walls, the makeover is made easy and complete with a minimalistic yet elegant décor items that set the right mood for some popcorn, a good movie and great company.