Case Study - Helping 30 year old rig Well-Safe Guardian shine again

Project facts

Well-Safe Guardian is an Earl & Wright Sedco 700 series drilling unit delivered in 1985 and has been operating on the UK continental shelf for more than 30 years. It has been operating on water depths of up to 460 meters performing exploration drilling, development drilling, HPHT operations, well testing and plug & abandon operations. The rig is currently owned by Well-Safe solutions and after refurbishment will be used as a Well plug & abandon platform.  In August 2019 the rig came in to Nigg Energy Park on the Cromarty Firth. The fabric maintenance contract is being carried out by Access & Coatings, a division of Global Energy Group.

Specs for refurbishment

  • Full repair of the box girder and underside of helideck – total areas of repair 2950 m² 
  • For the VDM and columns - total areas of repairs were 4800 m²  

Coatings used

Why were these coatings selected?

“The applicator loved the ability to apply a zinc rich product on mechanically prepared steel with a fantastic finish,” says the Senior Coating Inspector in Global Energy group Keith Bauer. He continues, “it should be noted as well, that Barrier Smart Pack and Hardtop One were both sprayed rather than brush/roller application and we were very happy with both items on thicknesses, workability, no dry spray, and a good firm closed coating.”

Summary of project

All in all, the project is a success story, for all involved parties and the Well-Safe Guardian is fully prepared to serve a new term offshore. 

Highlights include: 

  • The ability to apply a zinc rich product on mechanically prepared steel was vital  
  • Fast drying times were crucial for keeping large projects on schedule

Client feedback

What Senior Coatings inspector in Global Energy Group, Keith Bauer, has to say:  

Keeping the project on schedule 

"The applicators are mainly happy due to the products performing as promised and therefore keeping them on their time schedule. If anything fell behind, it was not down to our part of delivery or the coatings not performing as instructed. If anything, when times were challenging on other areas, the Coating Advisor from Jotun, Trevor Watson (with 35 years of experience in these types of projects), was key in helping everyone work together and come to a solution."

Product performance: Marathon 550

"This project was a very large-scale blasting and coating scope, with multiple work fronts requiring different paint systems. We have been using Marathon 550 product for the first time on the external columns and VDM’s and sometimes using a new product can be hard because the applicators have been used to an alternative product for many years." 

Our applicators, although they have been in the game for many years and are maybe “set in their ways” with regards to conventional products have nothing but praise for Marathon 550 and summarize:

  • Easy to mix - Easy of apply
  • Excellent film thicknesses can be achieved in one coat
  • Really good cure times allowing production to be efficient
Product performance: Barrier Smart Pack, Jotamastic 90 and Hardtop One 

"Due to huge areas all three products was sprayed, even if Barrier Smart Pack and Hardtop One are special brush and roller products, with fantastic final results."

Before coating

During coating

After coating

Case Study - Well-Safe Guardian