Designed by Jotun’s hull performance expert team, HullKeeper is a unique program to optimize hull performance regardless of the applied coating, allowing you to make better decisions, faster.
Jotacote Universal S120

The largest impact to VOC reduction in shipbuilding. Worldwide.


The ultimate and most respected superyacht coating lifecycle solution

Hull Skating Solutions

A revolutionary proactive cleaning solution for the most challenging operations.
Hardtop Design 

Enter Jotun Hardtop Design Metallics collection - combining extraordinary sparkling metallic finishes with superior durability, that withstands direct sunlight for years on end.

TankFast linings are formulated to allow your tank to return back to service quicker than ever before, with excellent chemical resistance capabilities. It's about time your tanks were earning to their full potential. It's about time you opted for TankFast.

SteelMaster offers fire protection that can bring the aesthetics of architectural design to life. Form and function work together in tandem giving you the freedom to design buildings that show their strength.  


Serious fire protection. Seriously fast.

Cargo hold coatings

In today’s highly commercial world, ensuring your cargo vessels are as efficient as possible is a sizeable challenge. Jotaguard 600 cargo hold coatings are the answer. They’re not only smooth, they go on fast and are truly resistant to abrasion and impact, which makes cleaning easier with minimal need for repair. The result? With Jotaguard 600, you paint and repair your vessels less. And get more from your business.

Green Building Solutions

A set of hand-picked low VOC/green building products ranging from decorative paints and architectural powder coatings to fireproofing, flooring and protective coatings. Learn how easy Jotun’s paints and coatings can contribute to green building points.

Marathon IQ2

Marathon IQ2 ensures unhindered operations and smooth voyage through ice.


Start applying more performance to your assets. The products in the Thermosafe range are proven to enhance overall operational efficiency and on-site safety, in the extreme environments of onshore oil and gas facilities.
Offshore maintenance solution

The world’s only NORSOK compliant surface tolerant maintenance system for brush and roller – giving you extended maintenance intervals. 
Fewer coats, same protection.

SeaStock Management Solution

SeaStock Management Solution gives you full control and predictability of your onboard maintenance, so you can save time, reduce hassle and focus on what really matters: your core business.

Tankguard Flexline

Tankguard Flexline is a cargo tank coating with Flexforce technology that gives your vessels full flexibility to carry different cargoes – vital when only aggressive cargo types are available. Full flexibility means a full cargo vessel, and that’s a great benefit to your business.