Technology designed to protect your cargo hold​

The Jotaguard 600 series is a fast drying two-component polyamine cured epoxy coating. The raw materials have been carefully selected to make the coating tough, strengthening the ability to handle extreme use. Within the Jotaguard 600 range there are products with high surface tolerance and also alternatives with super durable finish.

The products in this series are especially designed to protect cargo holds, and your choice of coating depends on your vessel’s trade. Is there a need for general protection of cargo holds or the need for protection against tougher exposure? What is the expected degree of abrasion, impact and scratching? Is there a need for long term performance and extended repair intervals?

All the products in the Jotaguard 600 series are suitable for properly prepared carbon steel and shop primed steel substrates, and they can be applied at subzero surface temperatures.

Approvals and certificates
The Jotaguard 600 series are in compliance with Federal Drug Authority, USA, FDA Title 21, Part 175.300, approved for exposure to dry foods. The products are also approved for grain through Newcastle Occupational Health & Hygiene. Additional certificates and approvals may be available on request.