A ship hull above water
A ship hull above water

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions: How does it work?

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions constitute a groundbreaking approach to in-service hull performance. This is how it works.


During drydocking the painting process is supervised by a certified Jotun Project Manager, who is also responsible for the installation of the Jotun HullSkater and the Skate Station.


In Jotun Hull Skating Solutions, big data and advanced algorithms are used to predict the probability of fouling, and to identify when the Skater needs to be deployed for an inspection and potentially proactive cleaning mission.

The four core elements of Jotun Hull Skating Solutions

Inspection Mission

When alerted by the fouling prediction algorithm, the Jotun Skate Operator contacts the ship to schedule an inspection mission. The Jotun HullSkater can be operated in port or at anchor, as long as there is sufficient 4G coverage for communication.

Proactive Cleaning Mission

During the inspection mission, if light fouling is detected, the Skate Operator initiates proactive cleaning. If time does not allow for a proactive cleaning mission, then the Jotun Skate Operator agrees with the ship when the next opportunity will be.

See how the solution works in the video below.

Jotun HullSkater, one of the core elements of the Hull Skating Solutions

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Several vessels at sea

Challenging operations affect efficiency

Many vessels spend time in challenging and complex environments, or are deployed in difficult operational profiles, where hull fouling can have a marked impact on efficiency and raise fuel costs.

A ship hull with seaweed

Environmental challenges in the shipping industry

For centuries, shipowners have fought a battle with nature in attempting to keep their ships clear of seaweed and animal growth. Today, preventing biofouling is not only about protecting ships against hull damage or loss of earning capacity due to weight and reduced speed.

vessel above water with HullSkater

Jotun introduces proactive cleaning

Most shipowners and operators accept that anti-fouling coatings and operational measures combine to affect efficiency and they will make choices mostly based on their own experience of different products.