SeaQuantum Classic S

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Technical details

  • Product Categories
    Fouling protection Self-polishing antifoulings
  • Technology
    Silyl acrylate antifouling
  • Substrate
    Coated surfaces


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Fouling protection


Biocide free coating which protects hull from fouling contributing to hydrodynamic efficiency to be used as a finish coat for immersed environments.

  • High gloss and long term aesthetic appearance
  • Suitable for vessels trading at medium to high speed & activity
  • Biocide free foul release coating
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Fouling protection

SeaQuantum Plus S

Offers an ultra-low frictional resistance on the underwater hull, contributing to the reduction of fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 10.2%.

  • Verifiable 2.5% speed loss
  • Up to 10.2% fuel savings
  • For high-activity trade
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Fouling protection

SeaQuantum Pro U

Reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 7.2% and enables ultra-low frictional resistance on the underwater hull​.

  • Estimated 3.5% speed loss
  • Up to 7.2% fuel savings
  • Consistent 24 idle day protection
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Fouling protection

SeaForce Active

SeaForce Active provides reliable performance, meeting basic needs at an affordable price.

  • Hydractive Technology™
  • Triple biocide package
  • Improved out-of-dock performance

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