Durable premium finish  
Hardtop Optima gives you an unmatched colour- and gloss retention ensuring a very long-lasting beautiful appearance. The durability of this excellent finish is also supported by the very good abrasion- and chemical resistance ensuring the structure look new for a long time.

High volume solids compared to traditional polyurethanes results in lower VOC per litre and reduced impact on the applicator and the environment. Hardtop Optima is ideal for sustainable projects targeting green building rating points like LEED v4 and BREEAM International. The topcoat does not contain isocyanates or develop di-isocyanates at elevated temperatures making it application and work friendly and a preferred topcoat for the HSE-conscious.

Excellent application properties  
The excellent application properties by airless spray make Hardtop Optima the perfect choice for new construction/new build. The topcoat cures down to 0 degrees Celcius supporting increased operational efficiency and flexibility in the application phase.