Where Creativity Meets Sustainability

Furniture designers and craftsmen today push their visions and attention to detail to great lengths. They need the flexibility and freedom to create while also watching out for protection. That’s why at Jotun, we want to give you finishes that not only complement your designs but also protect the materials. Our superior quality powder coatings come in a wide range of modern colours and attractive finishes, and offer you scratch and mar resistance and easy cleaning. Be it metal or heat sensitive MDF substrates, indoor or outdoor, office furniture or retail displays like shelving, you get the best protection with the freedom to flex your creative muscles.

Our brand new range of powder coating solutions for natural and engineered wood provide an efficient single-layer coat on flat and 3D objects with minimum waste and maximum results. Watch the full video below to learn more!

Watch the video below to see Tom demonstrate the benefits of using our Powder Coating solutions on your Natural & Engineered Wood (such as MDF) products.