Covallox™ Technology

Benefits of Covallox™ Technology

  • Lasting the lifetime of a vessel
  • Reducing lifetime maintenance costs 
  • Reducing downtime needed for repairs
  • Reducing expensive steel replacement costs

Covallox™ Technology. Maximum security against corrosion.

In typical epoxy coatings, electromagnetic hydrogen bonds provide the required adhesion between epoxy coatings and steel plates. Jotun Covallox™ Technology goes far beyond hydrogen bonds. Covallox™ Technology strengthens the adhesion further with chemically fused covalent bonds that are 10 times stronger.

Over time, water, which forms hydrogen bonds, will displace typical epoxy coatings and steel plates by replacing the hydrogen bonds between them. This would result in corrosion spreading underneath the coating. Water cannot displace the chemically fused covalent bonds from Jotun’s Covallox™ Technology, significantly reducing any risk of corrosion.

World’s best adhesion for long term protection.

In a salt spray test, the unrivalled adhesion of Jotacote Universal S120 significantly minimises disbondment in coating. Adhesion is high both before and after the test. In the event of a damage or a defect in the coating, the corrosion growth is stopped, while in typical epoxy primers, the significant disbondment will result in corrosion spread.