VOC Reduction

Benefits of VOC reduction

  • Easily meet environmental regulations targeted at reducing VOC emissions
  • Reduces the need for VOC abatement systems like Thermal Oxidisers
  • Reduces operating costs of VOC abatement systems
  • Low risk of fire due to solvent free nature

Reducing VOC emissions by up to 98%

With extensive research and development, Jotun’s patent pending solvent-free technology reduces VOC by up to 98%. Jotacote Universal S120 follows the definition of solvent-free as stipulated by The European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists‘ Colours Industry (CEPE). It also goes beyond that definition by using materials with boiling point above 250°C which follows EU VOC Solvents Directive (1999/13) making this product truly solvent-free. 

Case Example: Jotacote Universal S120 reduces VOC emissions by approximately 64,000 Kg for the same newbuilding project

Comparisons based on a single 250,000 DWT project with same areas and same dry film thickness on individual areas.

The largest impact to VOC reduction in shipbuilding Worldwide

Approximately 60 – 70% of paints supplied in shipbuilding are made up of Epoxy Universal Primers. As a solvent-free epoxy universal primer, Jotacote Universal S120 creates the largest impact to VOC reduction in shipbuilding. 

The solvent-free nature of Jotacote Universal S120 not only reduces VOC emissions, it also reduces the need for VOC abatement systems that converts VOC to CO2, hence reducing all round emissions.