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Specifying your SteelMaster products couldn’t be easier

Jotun’s SteelMaster products can now be found on NBS Source making it easier than ever to specify your Jotun products today. 

NBS Source allows you to find information for your project including certificates, brochures, case studies and specification documents making it easier than ever for you to show your strength. 

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To see how SteelMaster could benefit your next architecture project, drop us a line. Wherever you are in the world, we’ll happily organize an expert consultation to take you through the benefits of intumescent coatings. Whether you want to lower your VOC or ensure you have the correct protection time to suit your building size, we have the answers.

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Fire protection when it matters most.

SteelMaster offers fire protection that can bring the aesthetics of architectural design to life. Form and function work together in tandem giving you the freedom to design buildings that show their strength. 

Through the application of SteelMaster intumescent paint, buildings achieve outstanding levels of fire protection, without boxing in, or using less aesthetically pleasing cementitious coverings. 

Under fire conditions, these economic coating systems’ specific formulation provides a chemical reaction upon heating, physically changing to offer thermal insulation and cooling.

Extended fire protection, engineered for a better environment