Express your walls as masterpieces of beautiful colours layered with expressive textures.

At Jotun, we're delighted to bring you a world of effects to redecorate your home. We'll show you how with the help of our dedicated colour team. They get their inspiration from the latest colour and design trends, translating them into fresh new ideas to transform plain wall into stylish and sophisticated works of art.

Jotun Majestic Design's concept of 'Impressionism' lets you express and create your own masterpiece walls. Inspired by nature's beauty, Majestic Design captures the essence of inspirational natural sceneries, and expressing them on your walls. With Majestic Design, you can now completely transform the atmosphere of you interiors and express your individually. Indeed, the possibilities are simply endless! Change begins now.

Be your own impressionist, with Jotun Majestic Design.

Lisbeth Larsen
Jotun Global Colour Manager

Majestic Design

Jotun Majestic Design’s new premium interior design paint brings a world of luxurious designs and effects to embellish a home’s interiors. With Jotun’s DIY friendly concept developed by experts, homeowners can now transform their home’s indoor ambiance and atmosphere.

Now you can easily create your own masterpiece, with Majestic Design.

Majestic Design Diamond

Sparkling finish echoing the glamorous brilliance of stars and diamonds inspired by glittering stars in a mythical fairytale twillight.

Majestic Design Prestige

Inspired by the sunset clouds on the horizon turning into shimmering gold. Its luxurious metallic finish elevates the greatness and dramatically illuminates the already beautiful home.

Majestic Design Pearl

Stylish pearlescent finish that adds a lustrous and elegant touch. Inspired by the morning mist, Majestic Design Pearl's soothing palette of beautiful colours awaken your senses, and bring out the gracefulness of your home.

Majestic Design

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