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For perfect beauty, and a healthy home

New Majestic Sense | Clean Air Technology   CLEAN AIR TECHNOLOGY

New Majestic Sense | Odourless Comfort   ODOUR-LESS COMFORT

New Majestic Sense | Luxuriously Smooth   LUXURIOUSLY SMOOTH

New Majestic Sense | Covers Hairline Cracks   COVERS HAIRLINE CRACKS


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Sensitive Choice | New Majestic Sense

The best choice for better health and wellbeing

Majestic Sense is Sensitive Choice® Approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia, as a product that is

New Majestic Sense | Sensitive Choice   Asthma friendly          New Majestic Sense | Sensitive Choice   Allergy friendly

Clean Air Technology | New Majestic Sense

Clean Air Technology

Majestic Sense is proven to​ neutralise more than 90% of indoor formaldehyde (1) whenever it comes into contact with the paint's surface by converting it into water vapour and carbon dioxide.

Odour-less Comfort | New Majestic Sense

Odour-less Comfort

No harmful emissions and has the least odour, so you can breathe easy in your newly painted home.

Luxuriously Smooth | New Majestic Sense

Luxuriously Smooth

Exceptionally smooth finish for long lasting beautiful walls.

Covers Hairline Cracks | New Majestic Sense

Covers Hairline Cracks

Good elongation properties for seamless coverage and flawless look with 2 coats.

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