Together 2022

Humans are social animals; we thrive on connection with others. The time we spend with our friends and families enriches us, bringing proven benefits to the health of the body and the wellbeing of the mind. Being together literally helps us live longer and happier lives.

For many of us, there has never been a time when we felt the need to connect with each other more deeply than we do now. To talk, to laugh, to gossip, or even just to share a moment of companionable silence. Just being in the same room as someone else can lift a mood or spark a new idea.

Lisbeth Larsen, Global Colour Manager, Jotun

The colours

The Colours

Colour has a similar power – it can calm us down or fire us up, clear our minds or kick-start our creativity. At Jotun, we are fascinated by the way the shades we surround ourselves with shape our everyday lives. This year, the colour themes we have created are each designed to reflect and intensify a different aspect of our individual identities and lifestyles, but they are all rooted in the universal human need to share time and space with others. We are meant to be together, after all.

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Discover the new colours for 2022 in our brochure.

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Jotun Interior Colour Centre

Jotun Interior Colour Centre

At most of our retail outlets, you will find Jotun Interior Colour Centre. This colour tool presents 128 colours specially developed for walls and interior details, carefully selected by our colour experts.

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