Jotun GreenSteps

Jotun's greatest contribution to the environment and society is our premium coatings system’s protecting property against decay and corrosion.

Jotun has contributed to the environment for decades by offering high-quality products and solutions. We also use a lot of resources in developing product ranges for our customers, that exceed the legal requirements. 

We know that our customers like to contribute to the environment, and therefore we are able to offer products and solutions that really make a difference. At the same time, we never make compromises on high quality and durability.

As an industry leader in the region, we are making a commitment to the environment by enforcing manufacturing procedures that focus on solid waste and energy reduction, recycling and the implementation of the ISO 14001 and OHSAS certification in our factories globally.

Our global R&D team is constantly developing and innovating advanced coatings to help reduce harmful emissions. We are developing coatings that have lower VOCs and require fewer coats and repaints.

At Jotun we constantly innovate protection

As we take continuous steps to better protect your property, we’re also taking even greater steps to better protect our environment. 

We call it Jotun GreenSteps - steps that make a significant difference to the world we all share.

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Steps like waste and hazardous material reduction, product innovations that reduce energy usage, new processes that lower our carbon footprint and creating more products with lower volatile organic compound emissions.

Jotun recognises sustainability as a long-term competitive advantage.