Green Peace

The strong connection between nature and the green colour family perhaps explains why greens typically create calming atmospheres. With a palette of monochome colours rooted in nature, you can infuse an interior with the tranquility and inspiration of a forest glade. 

Ceiling and wall: JOTUN 7685 Subtle Green || Wall (back): JOTUN 7386 Pistachio || Trim: JOTUN 7686 Mindful Green window: JOTUN 9918 Classic White

JOTUN 1775 Fresh Pasta, JOTUN 7386 Pistachio, JOTUN 7686 Mindful Green, JOTUN 8493 Green-Tea

Warm And Grounded

Soil and sand, shells and stones... Green is far from Nature's only colour of choice. Grounding earth tones. soulful yellows and warm red hues evoke the world's sublime landscapes of monutain and desert, realms of rock glowing gold with the sunrise. 

Surface: JOTUN 20217 Muted Coral

JOTUN 0288 Mexico, JOTUN 20217 Muted Coral, JOTUN 8583 Earthy Yellow

Fenomastic Wonderwall Lux

This is a unique matt paint with a luxuriously smooth finish. With the new advanced easy-clean technology, it's the only matt paint that is as washable as silk paint. It has absolutely no smell or any harmful chemicals, actively purifies the air, and improves your indoor air quality.

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Wall: JOTUN 12290 Antwerp-Beige || Surface: JOTUN 12075 Soothing-Beige

JOTUN 12077 Sheer Grey, JOTUN 12078 Comfort Grey, JOTUN 12290 Antwerp Beige, 12075 JOTUN Soothing Beige, JOTUN 1632 Rock Sugar, JOTUN 12291 Soft Brown

Into The Blue

New for 2024, Jotun's True Blue is a powerful and pure blue that evokes natural landscapes of sky and sea. A perfect partner to crips whites, it demonstrates how, with bold colours, a little can go a long way.

Wall: JOTUN 5081 Silver Moon || Wall (left): JOTUN 12077 Sheer Grey || Wall (back): JOTUN 1376 Mist

JOTUN 12077 Sheer Grey, JOTUN 4947 True Blue, JOTUN 12078 Comfort Grey, JOTUN 9918 Classic White

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Quality Assurance

Our unique recipes ensure stability in multiple lighting conditions, exceptional colour accuracy and excellent hiding power. Please note that gloss and other product finishes might influence a colour’s appearance.


Jotun's products have been used in beautifying and protecting some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

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