We've designed this colour card to be an easy-to-use, at-a-glance tool to create your perfect interior palette.

Whether your’re aiming for a seamless colour progression or a scene-setting contrast, this colour card allows you to do so quickly and easily. And, thanks to Jotun Colour Assurance, every colour shown on the card is exactly as it will appear on your wall – no reproductions or approximations, just pure, true colour.

Each row represents a range of shades within single colour family, such as greens, reds or blues. Shades become more subtle as you move along the row, and every shade in the colour family works harmoniously alongside the others. For a nuanced monochrome look, pick shades from the same row.

Each column features colours from different colour families with a similar level of saturation – in other words: every colour in a single column has equally blackness. Combining colours from the same column will give you a harmonic and coherent colour expression in different rooms your home. The result is both exciting and stylish.

Find the right white

Choosing the perfect white is essential to accentuate details and create a harmonious interior scheme. To make it easier, we’ve matched each colour row with its ideal accent white:

Row 1 – Pink shades / 1622 Edelweiss
Row 2 – Blue tones / 9918 Morning Fog
Row 3 – Blue-green colours / 7236 Chi
Row 4 – Golden tones / 1024 Timeless
Row 5 – Brown-beige shades / 1001 Egg White
Row 6 – Yellowish red shades / 1453 Vanilla
Row 7 – Green shades / 1624 Skylight
Row 8 – Warm grey shades / 1624 Skylight