Topcoat paint systems

One component systems

On top of new substrate or completely sanded.

Topcoat  - one component paint systems
Sistemi monocomponenti (PDF)

Two component paint systems

Topcoat two component paint systems
Sistemi bicomponenti (PDF)
  1. One thick coat with primer may be accepted but be aware that this may result in an uneven surface, affecting the final finish.
  2. TopGloss BR may be applied on both Vinyl Primer and AntiPest, but Viniyl Primer is recommended for best finish. TopGloss may only be applied on AntiPest.

Paint system

On top of exisitng paint system in good condition.

Topcoats - paint systems on top of exisitng paint systems
Sistemi di verniciatura sopra un sistema di verniciatura esistente (PDF)