Renowned shipyard Codecasa chooses Jotun

For the luxury yachting industry, choosing the right finish is imperative. Renowned shipyard Codecasa have set their sights on the high-end results and documented protection that can only be achieved with paints and coatings from Jotun.

The paint job on a luxury yacht is subject to heavy scrutiny. Whether the vessel is made from fiberglass or metal, it’s the seamless paint and glossy finish that will enhance the superyacht’s appearance and increase its value. For the luxury yachting market, only the best is good enough.

"A good paint job has to turn out aesthetically and qualitatively perfect, and the effort and energy that go into this process are considerable." - Roberto Dalle Mura, project manager at Codecasa

But looks, no matter how good, are not all that matters. As boats are constantly exposed to marine environments, they are subjected to the highly corrosive effects of sea salt. Over time, this exposure will lead to unwanted wear and tear – unless the vessel is sufficiently protected from the elements. Selecting the right coating – with documented, highly protective properties – can extend the lifetime of the asset, mitigate costly maintenance operations and meet the customer’s high expectations to longevity and lasting beauty.

Codecasa relies on Jotun for all stages of painting

Roberto Dalle Mura is a project manager at Codecasa, one of the world’s most renowned shipyards. Codecasa has now used paints and coatings from Jotun since 2020. The collaboration, however, was almost entirely serendipitous. A shipowner, who became captivated by the colour of a yacht he had spotted in the harbour, insisted on identifying the exact colour for his own vessel.

“We initiated a lot of research and eventually discovered that the paint was Jotun’s Aquila White. We were impressed that the effect was so beautiful that it looked ceramic. From that moment, here at Codecasa Shipyard, we wanted to rely on the quality of Jotun products for all stages of painting,” says Dalle Mura.

From that moment, here at Codecasa Shipyard, we wanted to rely on the quality of Jotun products for all stages of painting.

Roberto Dalle Mura

Achieving the perfect, high-end result with MegaGloss AC

Dalle Mura believes that selecting the right coatings that can deliver on appearance, application and durability, is imperative to the success of their vessels. One of their chosen products is MegaGloss AC, a premium acrylic polyurethane topcoat that is specifically designed for a high-gloss finish. The topcoat is easy to apply and has excellent colour and gloss retention. It can also be polished and buffed, if required. In other words, it’s the perfect match for a yacht.

Global presence, local knowledge

Not only must the paint be excellent, but the Codecasa applicators must also be thoroughly trained and familiar with all the characteristics of the chosen coating. Only then, Dalle Mura believes, can you achieve the perfect, high-end finish. To ensure the best result possible, Jotun’s dedicated team of coating experts are always ready at hand.

“We have great confidence in Jotun because their assistance is immediate. Their advisors are always available, and they come periodically to analyse the progress of the work. In a nutshell, I can say that Jotun has the best customer service,” Dalle Mura concludes.

In a nutshell, I can say that Jotun has the best customer service.

Roberto Dalle Mura

Paints and Coatings chosen by Codecasa

- Megacote
- MegaFiller
- MegaFiller Smooth
- MegaPrimer
- MegaPrimer Lite
- MegaGloss AC

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