Problems you house faces in harsh weather conditions

Water Leakages and Dampening of walls
Color Fading
Concrete Decay
Dirt Pick Up

What's the solution?

Jotashield WaterXtreme is a superior water proofing paint with crack-bridging ability, certified concrete protection and several other features that not only safeguard your house against these harsh weather conditions but also keeps it looking as good as new.

Key Features

Maximum colour performance

Jotashield WaterXtreme ceases the degradation of paint from exposure to sunlight and provides additional protection to the paint film, making colours look fresh on your walls always. Jotashield WaterXtreme contains a new superior binder technology offering beautiful colour performance for at least 10 years. With a wide range of colours to choose from, customers can enjoy the outstanding durability of a superior quality exterior paint without compromising on the choice of colour.

Maximum Water Proofing

Jotashield WaterXtreme has been specially engineered to combat dampness. It resists the absorption of any moisture, and the coating is such that it permits any moisture already present in the substrate to exit on warm & dry days, ensuring that your walls are devoid of moisture at all times. This helps keep your house looking as good as new even after years of painting. Jotashield WaterXtreme is the only breathable water proofing system in India that offers 10 year water proofing warranty, allowing you to be worry free.

Crack Bridging

Jotashield WaterXtreme is a premium exterior acrylic emulsion paint system which protects your concrete and masonry walls from existing and future cracks due to its crack bridging ability. Its unique flexible coating covers cracks and prevents water ingress, preventing dampness not only on the exteriors, but also the interiors of the house.

Reduces Temprature upto 5 degree celsius

Jotashield WaterXtreme has a revolutionary temperature reduction property that reflects more heat away from your walls compared to standard paints. Above all, Jotashield WaterXtreme not only reduces energy consumption, but also increases the paint film’s durability. The secret lies in Jotun’s groundbreaking pigment technology that utilises infrared reflective pigments which reduce surface temperature to keep your homes cooler.

Anti Fungal & Anti Algae+

Jotashield WaterXtreme contains a non-hazardous, high quality dry film preservative which hinders the growth of algae and fungi on your walls, preventing them from getting black spots and patches.

Certified Concrete Protection

Jotashield WaterXtreme comes with concrete protection properties. Its anti-carbonation formulation cuts the ingress of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the concrete, thus lowering the possibility of concrete carbonation. The paint film can breathe, which allows free passage of moisture vapour from the substrate into the atmosphere. Another feature supporting this is the flexibility of the paint film that has good crack-bridging properties. It prevents the ingress of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), water and chlorides that can pass through cracks. Jotashield WaterXtreme has been certified for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) diffusion resistance, chloride ion resistance, water vapour transmission, liquid water transmission and crack-bridging.