Jotun Penguins

The Penguin is a unique symbol for Jotun, and we want the same look of the penguins used, all over the world. Therefore, Jotun has developed an animated penguin, which also can be used as illustrations.

This character represents the Jotun spirit and culture. 

The Penguin expresses the Jotun values: Loyalty, Care, Respect and Boldness.  

Jotun Penguins representing Jotun’s values


Loyalty - greeting




Jotun Penguins in other situations





In addtition to the Jotun values the Penguin also expresses typical Jotun situations with still figures as: Cheer, Working, Inviting and Happy. This serves as the basis for how we in Jotun want to be perceived.

If other situations not obviously covered by these alternatives, other characters may be developed subject to approval from Jotun Corporate HQ. The Penguin is primarily for internal communication, but may also be used externally subject to regional or divisional approval.

It can be used in any situations, like gatherings and any relevant presentations, posters, drives etc. where the unique Jotun Penguin may add charm and effectiveness in communication.

Photos of live natural Penguins is certainly allowed, but then preferably the King Penguin or even Emperor Penguin may be used. The King is slightly smaller than the Emperor, but more colourful.