Digital guidelines

Jotun Digital guidelines encompass logos and design for all our online presence on the internet, incl. social media channels (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.). Here you can find design for banner ads, app identity, videos and info screens. Please refer to these guidelines whenever you are creating content for new, existing and other digital channels featuring Jotun. 

These digital guidelines are designed to help Jotun maintain a consistent look and feel. In all digital media, it is important to be clear that Jotun or its endorsed brands are the originators of the communication. 

We use Tridion from SDL as our primary content management solution (CMS) for our main website The CMS automatically handles most of the corporate design and layout elements described below.  

Please contact Jotun’s Global Web Manager if you are planning to establish a presence on a digital channel. He or she will be able to advise and assist you in the correct use of digital guidelines.

Jotun Digital Guidelines – R2018-10