SeaStar alliance

Launched in 2000
  • After years of development and testing, SeaQuantum was launched in 2000.
  • In 2002 Jotun A/S and Japan’s NKM formalised their co-operation by forming SeaStar Alliance who has more than 22% of the global marine market. Sharing developing and existing technology helps sharpen the competitive edge for SeaStar Alliance, enabling its partners to maintain their status as leaders in the marine market.
  • Today SeaQuantum products have been applied to over 16,000 vessels worldwide and are widely recognised as the industry’s leading antifouling brand.
 The technology
  • SeaQuantum is based on the world’s most advanced antifouling technology; silyl acrylate technology - a silyl acrylate polymer that hydrolyses when exposed to seawater.
  • As a recognised pioneer in the use of polymer binders in marine coatings, Jotun has worked with silyl acrylate technology since the 1990s.
  • SeaQuantum’s reliable long-lasting protection is provided by a linear polishing rate and low leached layer - ensuring a controlled release of biocides over time. A predictable and reliable performance is extremely important for a vessel to keep speed without increase in fuel consumption.