Majestic Primer for Wood and Trims

Majestic Primer for Wood and Trims can image

Technical details

  • Product Categories
    Building - interior Interior primers and preparation
  • Substrate
    Wood Metal


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Majestic Supreme Finish can image
Building - interior

Majestic Supreme Finish

A water-based paint specially designed to deliver flawless finishing for wood and trims.

  • Beautiful flawless finish
  • Easy clean
  • Low odour
Majestic Primer can image
Building - interior

Majestic Primer

A superior primer that enhances the beautiful colours and lifespan of Majestic paints

  • Low odour
  • Water resistant
  • Good adhesion
Gardex Premium Gloss can image
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Gardex Premium Gloss

Enhance the surfaces of your wood and metal projects

  • Low odour
  • Optimized drying time
  • Anti fungal & anti rust
Majestic True Beauty Sheen can image
Building - interior

Majestic True Beauty Sheen

Blending modern sophistication and easy-clean convenience to deliver a beautiful and smooth finish

  • True colour experience
  • Superior easy clean
  • Luxurious smooth finish

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