Health and safety - Jotun Group HSEQ Policy

Health and Safety for people, Care for the Environment, and Quality in our products and services, are fundamental values for Jotun. The President and CEO, has the overall responsibility for HSEQ at Group level. The General Manager has the corresponding responsibility for each country site, and all personnel are expected to contribute.
National regulations and laws represent each company's minimum requirements, and the Jotun HSEQ Management System outlines the supplementary requirements to assure continuous improvement in accordance with ISO9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Comprehensive audit and inspection routines are in place to verify HSEQ performance in both the workplace and for our contractors and suppliers.
Jotun works to assure good technical standards, safe operations, quality products and services, through established systems, procedures and training. Personal Protective Equipment is always considered as the last option to protect against risks to safety and health.
Jotun Group HSEQ Vision
Jotun ensures safe working conditions for both employees and contractors. Our vision is based on zero tolerance for accidents, fires or environmental damage and understands that all fires and injuries can be avoided, and that accidents do not occur by themselves. We continually work to reduce energy, waste and the use of harmful chemicals.
Jotun is dedicated to fulfilling customer needs in terms of quality products, on time delivery and high standards of service.
Care is one of Jotun's most important values, and applies to all personnel in our everyday business. In Jotun, the statement "I Care" demonstrates our individual ownership and commitment to HSEQ.