Diversity and Inclusion at Jotun

At Jotun, the concept of Diversity and Inclusion is nothing new. It has been an integral part of our corporate values for a long time. Jotun also acknowledges that without an inclusive culture, diversity loses its value. By ensuring practices, policies and company culture that supports Jotun employees to feel appreciated, valued and develop a strong sense of belonging, the company can increase engagement, employee retention and hence also productivity. 

How do we work with these focus areas?

As a company we are aware that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) needs systematic focus and strategic approach to ensure common understanding and practice across the global organisation. D&I is therefore defined as a key strategic focus area across all the companies, geographies and cultures that make up Jotun. 

Focus areas 
In order to ensure that we have a concrete plan to work with, we have defined the following focus areas for D&I as part of company strategy 2020–2023:

  • Understanding organisation and where we stand today
  • Identifying opportunities to focus our D&I efforts
  • Attracting and hiring diverse workforce
  • Developing leaders at every level from all backgrounds
How do we work with these focus areas?

Understanding organisation and where we stand today

At Jotun we measure on regular basis the status of diversity within the Group. Gender balance at different levels and across the global organisation, nationality distribution, as well as generational representation are some of the parameters that are frequently measured to track diversity within Jotun over time, between geographies and entities, as well as to compare us to our peers in the industry.

Jotun works to ensure that women are provided with the same opportunities as men. To ensure equal opportunity, Jotun has implemented uniform, professional and transparent recruitment procedures, policies, tools and practices. In addition, we have a structured approach to evaluating jobs, based on Korn Ferry Job Evaluation methodology. This ensures that the job level is set by the content of the job, regardless of who holds it. Based on the job structure, we operate with a global compensation policy which focuses on securing Right, Fair and Competitive remuneration for all our employees. Salary is reviewed once every year to analyse the situation in the company, and to discuss any discrepancies. We use Korn Ferry’s Market Salary Data to ensure compensation governance and do statistical analysis across pay grades, gender, age, seniority etc. If unjust discrepancies are discovered, a plan is put in place for extraordinary increase to decrease the gap. No major gaps linked to gender have been reported during salary review 2020.