Decorative paints

Jotun Decorative Paints manufactures, sells and distributes interior and exterior paints to consumers and professionals worldwide. Please, visit your country website for local products.

Highlights 2016

Another strong performance

Jotun’s performance in the Decorative Paints segment in 2016 is consistent with a steady growth trend that has endured for more than a decade.

Jotun’s success in the Decorative Paints segment is built on user-driven product development, long-term relationships with dealers and project stakeholders and a strong market presence in high growth regions. In 2016, Jotun performed especially well in the Middle East, South East Asia and Turkey. 

Jotun is a recognised player in premium interior and exterior paints in the markets where the company is active. The company recorded outstanding results in 2016 for established brands such as Fenomastic and Majestic (interior), and Jotashield and Demidekk (exterior). The Jotun brand was further re-enforced with the launch of My Home Rich Matt in the Middle East and Optimal Optiwhite in Scandinavia. In the medium range segment, Jotun performed well in the Middle East with the launch of Easycoat, and Jotun Essence in South East Asia. In Turkey, the company continues to enjoy success with Fenomastic Güzel Evim (My Beautiful Home), a premium interior paint launched in 2015.

Jotun decorative paints are sold through about 7 500 shops, all over the world. While Jotun will continue to expand its dealer network, the company is working more closely with existing retailers to raise the standard of their shops to generate more business.