Full-on flexibility for your cargo vessels

In today’s competitive marine environment, it’s vital to obtain the commercial edge to ensure a competitive advantage.

Tankguard Flexline offers:

Broadest cargo flexibility      

- Optimal utilization of the fleet     
- Take on cargo even when only aggressive cargoes are available     
- Applicable to 97% of the world’s critical shipped paint aggressive cargoes

Rapid turnaround 

- Tankguard Flexline requires few ventilation days after carrying aggressive cargoes   
- Fast desorption means less ventilation time prior to vessel re-load   
- One day less ventilation time equates to additional earnings of approximately $14,000

Longest maintenance interval
- Prolonged coating lifetime can save up to $600,000 in maintenance costs   
- 45 additional days of operation can potentially result in operational income of $630,000

The benefits of Tankguard Flexline is illustrated in this video: