Jotun stories

Time to get together

For Global Colour Manager Lisbeth Larsen in Jotun, 2022 is all about colour explosions and spending more time together with others.

Jotun extends collaboration with NTNU

Jotun’s cooperation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology shifts to a new level when Senior Surface Scientist Angelika Brink enters an Associate Professor position.

Jotun adds colour to Expo 2020

The biggest World Expo till date has finally opened its doors in Dubai, UAE. The 25 million visitors from all around the world will find a show to remember, and Jotun has played a key part in preparing the spectacular site.

Safe at sea with "RC Jotun"

With advanced technology, a volunteer crew and a penguin mascot on board, the Red Cross boat "RC Jotun" makes sea life in Sandefjord, Norway safe.

Breaking the glass ceiling

Energetic, team-focused and career driven, Serena Gonsalves is on a mission to accelerate Jotun’s embrace of digital solutions to optimise the customer experience in Performance Coatings.

Jotun supports the COVAX programme to help the fight against the pandemic

In the fight against Covid-19 Jotun has donated NOK 5 million to Unicef and the COVAX programme.

Centre of excellence

The opening of Jotun’s new R&D centre in Sandefjord will not only support the company’s efforts to accelerate innovation but recruit and train top chemists from all over the world.

New Information Centre at Jotun Headquarters in Sandefjord

The Infocentre is a strategic tool in Jotun’s effort to achieve its business goals. It is an important instrument to communicate Jotun’s business segments, history, the Penguin Spirit, values, innovation, position and Jotun as a responsible corporate citizen.
Happy salmon, happy customer

At a length of 430 metres and width of 54 metres, Havfarm has been described as the world’s largest ’ship’. Havfarm (’Ocean farm’) will be able to contain 10,000 tons of salmon or about two million happy fish. Jotun was selected to supply all protective coatings for the project; about 500,000 litres in total.
Jotun’s Antarctic test centre

Jotun has established a new test station in Queen Maud’s Land on Antarctica, on the Troll station located only 2000 km from the South Pole.

Jotun and NTNU join forces to develop coatings of the future

The collaboration between Jotun and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) may lead to reduced emissions from shipping, and improved corrosion protection for onshore and offshore installations.
Joining forces to fight plastic waste in our oceans

Every year, more than eight million tons of plastic enter our oceans. The Jotun Group participated in the Norwegian Telethon 2020, an annual televised fundraiser, which focused on the effort to reduce plastic waste.

At the helm

With more than three decades of experience at Jotun, Stein Petter Lunde is facing his biggest challenge yet: Vice President, Jotun Powder Coatings.

Reliable partner

For more than three decades, Jotun has stood by the International Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) movement providing support to disaster relief efforts through the Norwegian Red Cross. Jotun is proud to sponsor a number of projects to contain the spread of COVID 19.
Tuk-Tuk Marketing

From social media to billboards, TV advertisements to tuk-tuks, Jotun Cambodia uses every platform available to help strengthen the company’s brand. 
Painted by Jotun: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Centre

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Centre (SWECC) is one of the three main buildings of the Shenzhen Airport New Town project. Jotun supplied high-end topcoat for the structural steel together with anticorrosive and fireproofing coatings.
Jotun Colour Academy: Continuous learning for architects and interior designers

In the 21st century, we never stop learning. To help interior designers and architects build their skills, Jotun launched its Colour Academy.
Investing in the future

With a new R&D Centre in Pune, India, Jotun can meet growing demands for products optimised for regional climate conditions.
Colour Design by Jotun reveals the colour trends of the coming decade

Jotun has launched 12 new colours, perfectly matched with eight timeless hues – a palette of 20 beautiful shades to reflect the optimism and opportunity that 2020 brings.
Color Hybrid: Painted by Jotun

Color Line’s new passenger ship Color Hybrid is the world’s largest plug-in hybrid ship. Four times a day, this elegant ship sails past Jotun’s head office in Sandefjord, Norway. Jotun is proud to be the paint supplier to Color Hybrid.

Making wood furniture green

Jotun has created Ultra Lite, a new way to protect the beauty of natural wood furniture without harmful VOCs.
Bold penguin

Martin Chew brings 30 years of experience – and a bold vision – to his new role as Jotun’s Group Executive Vice President for Performance Coatings.

Painting the wind

As a leading provider of specialised coatings for the wind energy industry, Jotun coatings protect wind farms from the elements.
From troll to penguin  

The penguin is strongly connected to Jotun through its long presence in Jotun’s logo. But did you know that Jotun’s first logo was a troll, and that the logo was changed several times before ending with the penguin?
Better results with new quality tools

A collaboration between Jotun and Orkla has resulted in the world’s first range of painting tools tailor made for industrial coatings. 
RC Jotun secures the summer fjord

– Thanks to the contributions of Jotun and the Gleditsch family, we are operational with a very solid and advanced boat in our fjord areas, says Kjell Atle Kjønnø, chairman of Sandefjord Red Cross. “RC Jotun” is well-prepared for the most hectic season of the year. 
China Expats

Six years ago, Ståle Nordlien was offered a dream job as Regional R&D Director for one of the world’s leading paint manufacturers. But there was a catch: He would have to move his family to China.
The Arctic

With the establishment of a test station on Svalbard, Jotun is the first to carry out testing of products and paint systems in the Arctic region. So far, the test results have been both reassuring and surprising.