Green Building Solutions

Jotun’s Green Building Solutions deliver sustainable systems for long-lasting protection and beautification of assets from one single source.

Jotun has demonstrated its ability to meet the needs of a great number of international architects, designers and contractors for green building specifications. This includes residential, public and industrial buildings, hotels and sport facilities, as well as airports and railway stations.

Our long-term focus on innovation has led to a selection of Green Building Solutions, providing a track record in beautification and protection of iconic buildings worldwide.

Jotun’s Green Building Solutions is a part of Jotun GreenSteps program.

The global source. The single source. The proven source.

Our Green Building Solutions provide specifiers and building owners worldwide with approved systems that meet green building certification requirements. These include excellent decorative paints, powder coatings, fire proofing and protective coatings that are tested and confirmed compliant according to several green building standards, including LEED 2009 and LEED v4.

Let us be your partner and help you in achieving your goal of designing and constructing green certified buildings. 

For a full list of compliant products and solutions according to relevant green building standards, please check with your local and nearest Jotun sales representative.