Trans Catalonia ( Gdansk, Poland - 2015 )

Full opacity in one coat
Hardtop AX ensures full opacity in one single coat - even in signal/bright colours - on top of primers in colour Grey XO.

  • Owner: Seatrans Group
  • Vessel type: Chemical tanker
  • Dimensions: Length 151.48 m, Breadth 23.5 m
  • Coatings: Hardtop AX
See video of the application process in drydock:

Film sequences approved by Gisle Kårbø Rong from Seatrans Group.

Both owner and yard were very satisfied with Hardtop AX's application properties and finish, which is best explained in their official quotes below:

I am very positive about the painting process and final result of Hardtop AX.  There was minor spray dust during painting, which on this particular yard was very important due to painting from scaffoldings on the sides of the ship.  Another observed benefit was adequately short time of curing at ambient temperature 5-7℃. This is an advantage as it affects time spent in the drydock.  The paint is glossy and without sag. Jotun representatives were well prepared and followed the vessel's painting spec.
Lukasz Deruniec
Technical Superintendent
Seatrans Ship Management

Hardtop AX performs beyond expectations with full opacity in only one coat (60 microns DFT).
Robert Piszczek
Coating Advisor
Jotun Polska Sp. z o.o.