Gas Leo ( China - 2016 )

For Tianjin Southwest Maritime Ltd. appearance of their LPG ships has high priority, but can be hard to achieve in difficult areas with the use of traditional polyurethane topcoats. They chose Jotun's premium topcoat Hardtop AX.

Hardtop AX has excellent high build properties and very good sag resistance, and provides perfect results with only one coat – perfect for difficult areas.

The excellent application properties of Hardtop AX makes it perfect for yards, while the resulting perfect finish makes it a good choice for owners.

  • Owner: Tianjin Southwest Maritime Ltd.
  • Yard: Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd.
  • Vessel type: LPG tanker
  • Dimensions: Length 226 m, Breadth 36.6 m
  • Coatings: Jotaprime 500, Hardtop AX, Safeguard Plus, SeaMate NB

Gas Leo painted with Hardtop AX. Picture courtesy of Tianjin Southwest Maritime Ltd.

There was minor spray dust during painting. Exceptional gloss was achieved, and the coating does not sag; both owner and yard were very satisfied with Hardtop AX's application properties.
Wang Xiaoqiang
Wideshine Enterprises Ltd.

Hardtop AX ensures full coverage and a nice finish in one coat

Topside with a perfect finish from Hardtop AX

Full coverage in one coat without sagging makes Hardtop AX perfect for difficult areas