Robust and reliable finish 
The ultimate combination of strong mechanical properties, very good chemical resistance, low dirt pickup and very good colour- and gloss retention, ensures a glossy finish that lasts.  

Easy to use 
Hardtop AX has very good application properties by airless spray, brush and roller, making it easy to achieve a smooth finish and a good result even for unexperienced applicators. Being user friendly, Hardtop AX is easy to prepare, have high sag resistance, low level of spray dust, consistent gloss and low temperature curing.  

High volume solids compared to traditional polyurethanes means low VOC (volatile organic compounds) per litre, making it a modern topcoat with reduced environmental impact. Hardtop AX does not contain solvents on the Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) list. Minor amounts of such solvents may come in through tinting of some colours.