At Jotun, we know that you are looking for the solutions that will withstand environmental depreciation, protect against corrosion and provide scratch and abrasion resistance combined with aesthetically attractive finish. We made it our business to address these requirements with industry-wide selection of powder coatings.

Our Solution

Our powder coatings solutions meet the demands and trends of industrial design. The products can be applied on all kinds of metal substrates, including aluminium, cast iron, steel, galvanized sheet metal and manganese alloys.

Our products are resistant to:

  • Mechanical damage
  • Corrosion
  • Temperature and humidity extremes
  • Chemicals (e.g. diesel and hydraulic fluid)
Jotun Powder Coatings comply with RoHS, REACH and national standards as well as OEMs specifications. Extensive testing proved that our coatings solutions ensure:
  • Better quality
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Improved safety
Available in different colours, textures and gloss levels our products provide consistent good appearance without compromising on protection.

Our powder coatings play an important role in a variety of industries:

Environmentally Friendly 

Our solutions contain zero VOCs and are environmentally friendly, and with a higher coverage rate per kilogram of powder, they give your products enhanced productivity and excellent mileage. 

Jotun's powder coatings are up to the job whatever industry you’re in and whichever result you are looking for.