All commonly used building materials lose integrity when exposed to the effects of fire. Concrete can spall, crack or even explode so that the reinforcement is exposed, which can lead to structural failure. Wood is easily depleted by charring, and steel will start to lose structural strength at temperatures reaching 400°C.

Regulations require that assets are designed and constructed so that their stability will be maintained for a reasonable period. A steel construction requires protection to ensure it does not collapse prematurely and provides time for occupants to escape and firefighters to extinguish the fire.

Without PFP, fires or explosions can rapidly escalate and lead to loss of life or serious injury, catastrophic damage to assets, production interruptions or even total shutdowns.

There are different industry standards for different type of structures and assets, and these present a unique set of challenges that PFP coatings must comply with. Jotun has a range of PFP coatings engineered to meet the industry standards - click on the products tab to learn more.