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Groundbreaking testing in the Arctic

With the establishment of a test station on Svalbard, Jotun is the first to carry out testing of products and paint systems in the Arctic region. So far, the test results have been both reassuring and surprising.
Five considerations for eliminating corrosion in the Arctic

There are many aspects relating to corrosion prevention that oil and gas asset owners or lead EPC contractors should consider regarding designing new constructions and effective maintenance programs. Selecting the correct coating systems at the design stage will eliminate or reduce the need for maintenance, ensuring non-stop operation of the asset.

The challenges of operating in Arctic conditions, and the importance of testing

The Arctic is a region characterised by low and extremely low temperatures, with high winds, seasonal darkness, long periods of heavy fog, sea ice, icebergs, remoteness and storms that can almost reach hurricane strength.

Cold Facts – the story behind how and why we developed the Jotun Arctic testing station

According to a United States geological survey, the Arctic region holds approximately 30 percent of the world’s undiscovered natural gas and 13 percent of undiscovered oil. Recent years have seen a significant growth in interest from the international oil and gas industry in developing these resources. But equally strong has been the desire to protect this extremely fragile environment.