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Jotun employs more than 9 800 people worldwide, and we offer a wide range of career opportunities. Meet our people from different cultures and find out what life is like in Jotun.

  • Meet Anja - Global Mobility, Workforce Analytics

    Anja Allouni

    Position: Group Concept Manager - Global Mobility and Workforce Analytics

    Anja Allouni

    “It’s OK not to be perfect. We work to form effective teams of individuals whose strengths complement each other” 
    -          Anja Allouni

    Nearly tripled the number of assignments
    Anja works as Head of the Global Mobility function for Jotun. Her job is to ensure that Jotun has Global Mobility solutions to enable the global workforce needed to support the Group’s strategic ambitions. This is done by ensuring that Jotun has the ability to move “the right people to the right place at the right time”. Anja heads up the Global mobility network which consists of 20 people, two in each region. Their job is to enable cross country recruitment by developing Jotun’s mobility programs, manage relevant vendors, train the Mobility network in the processes, and ensure solid routines for relocation of employees and their families.
    “I am very proud of the development of mobility in Jotun, and the healthy development of how our mobile workforce is growing more diverse, both in relation to age, nationality and gender.  We have nearly tripled the number of assignments  from 2012 to 2017” says Anja.

    Develop competence
    Jotun’s strategy is to organically grow and develop competence within the company. Jotun has different programs, either short term project oriented, long term development focused or long-term leadership centred.
    “The goal is to enable employees to gain international experience, and to speed up the time from entry into a new country, to full production and sales in that market. It is essential to invest in people who can develop our business, and the Global Mobility solutions plays an important part of this”

    Global opportunities
    “Jotun has room for a lot of different backgrounds, talents and professions. It is a company where you can be yourself, where you as employee can influence decisions. Jotun has opportunities around the world – the rest is up to you” Anja says.

    Anja’s Jotun journey:
    • 2012-2013: HR Officer
    • 2013-2016: Group HR Advisor – Global Mobility
    • 2016-to date: Group Concept Manager - Global Mobility and Workforce Analytics 

  • Meet Aref - Competence Development

    Ahmed Aref

    Position: Competence Development Advisor

    Theresia likes team work

    Ahmed Aref

    I am proud to see that my work contributes to a change for the better, both for my colleagues and for the company.
    -          Ahmed Aref 

    Right and fair treatment of all employees
    Aref is on a short-term assignment in Norway but is normally part of the HR and Administration department in Egypt. His job is to implement the Group HR concepts such as Competence Development, new hires’ orientation, Job Evaluation and Performance Management in coordination with the regional HR team in Dubai. 
    - We strive to support Jotun’s values and Penguin Spirit to ensure right and fair treatment of all employees. Our main goal is to be perceived as a great employer by our current penguins and potential employees, Aref says. 

    Better performance 
    Aref’s job revolves around people, the development of employees to perform better on a professional and personal level. In addition, he ensures that the internal communications run as effective as possible. Personally, Aref believes he has a lot to offer. 
    - I think structure, critical thinking, patience and steadiness are my main strengths. I like to transform ideas and concepts into easy-to-grasp visuals, Aref says.

    Place to shine

    “Jotun is the place to shine if you have the will to do so. You have to work hard, but the more interested you are, the more you will grow and the more possibilities you will receive” Aref says.
    Update: After completing his Short-Term Assignment in Norway, Aref applied for a role in the Group Competence Department, and is now hired as Group Competence Development Advisor, situated in Norway. 

    Aref’s Jotun journey: 
    • 2015-2017: HR Generalist, Egypt
    • 2017-2018: Organizational Development Executive, Egypt
    • 2018: Short Term Assignment as Job Evaluation Project Member, Norway
    • 2018 to date: Competence Development Advisor, Norway 

  • Meet Habibe - Concept Management

    Habibe Escobar Melendez

    Position: DryDock & SeaStock Concept Manager, Marine Sales

    V. Ramanathan is a loyal employee who is dedicated to his work at Jotun

    Habibe Escobar Melendez

    As a structured and analytical person, developing methodical and organized business opportunities together with my colleagues suits me well! 
    -          Habibe Escobar Melendez 

    Selling visions
    My job is to develop business concepts. We grasp promising business opportunities, present these to the stakeholders, set goals and create strategies to implement them towards our end customers, says Habibe. 

    DryDock and SeaStock
    Together with team members from Norway, China and Greece, Habibe works in the Marine segment developing the concepts DryDock and SeaStock. 
    The main task of the DryDock and SeaStock concepts is to set the global sales strategy and ensure its implementation across all regions. Our goal is to develop the business, increase market share and profitability and safeguard our market position. This is done mainly by supporting the sales network. We offer our customers marine solutions that allow them to reduce cost, save time and sustain profit, Habibe explains. 

    Fulfil your ideas

    If you are ambitious and on the search for an international company that can give you the opportunity to fulfil your ideas, and at the same time give you plenty of support, then there is no doubt – try Jotun. 

    Habibe’s Jotun journey:
    • 2013-2015: Analyst HPS
    • 2015-2017: SeaStock Concept Manager
    • 2017- to date: DryDock & SeaStock Concept Manager

  • Meet Ingrid - Brand Management

    Ingrid Karstensen

    Position: Regional Brand Manager, Decorative Marketing Scandinavia

    Ingrid Karstensen

    I was looking for a job where I could create something cool, and at Jotun I can do that! 
    -          Ingrid Karstensen

    Driving innovations
    I believe my positivity is my best contribution to the team! My passion is to drive innovations. Not just new ones, but to develop existing products and sales tools to make them better and more available. Creating great shopping experiences for our customers is great branding! 

    Marketing Decorative Scandinavia

    Ingrid’s Scandinavian department has 26 professionals from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 
    We are responsible for Jotun’s decorative brands such as LADY, DRYGOLIN, DEMIDEKK – JOTUN brands and products delivering on Scandinavian customer needs. Our job is to supervise the introduction of new products, from development to testing and branding. It’s super interesting and rewarding!

    Make people proud!
    I believe my work in Jotun is creating brands and products to rely on! Through marketing, communication, coaching and digital tools we answer customer needs. These are important means for the end result: Making people feel proud of their beautiful homes!

    Big, but homely
    From the outside Jotun looks like an international giant. And it’s true, but at the same time it feels very homely. We are different people with different skills that work together as a team. It’s nice to be a penguin – you feel like home. 

    Ingrid’s Jotun journey:
    • 2010 Internship, China
    • 2010-2011 Marketing Coordinator 
    • 2011-2012 Temporary Brand Manager
    • 2012 – 2014 Project Manager and Marketing Coordinator
    • 2014-2015 Product Manager & Marketing Coordinator
    • 2015-to date Regional Brand Manager

  • Meet Melvin - Category Management

    Melvin Lee

    Position: Regional Category Manager Indirect Materials

    Melvin Lee

    I personally believe in taking initiative and contributing for a greater cause, and not for my personal gain.  
    -         Melvin Lee

    For the greater cause
    By contributing with my fair share, and showing willingness to support others, I believe it adds up to what is important to the company. This mindset aligns well with Jotun’s core values of care and respect. I believe others will do the same once I spread these values, says Melvin. 

    Work as one

    Melvin moved to Norway after he joined Jotun’s international trainee program in Malaysia. Melvin’s department, Group Purchasing, is set up in every regional hub in Jotun. 
    We work closely together as one purchasing department, although we are in different locations. The same strategy and focus areas are coordinated to all the local units within our own regions. We ensure that the supply of goods, equipment and tools needed to produce paints are continuous and without much interruptions. 

    Value for money

    My customers are mostly internal Jotun employees as the end stakeholder. The end-result of my work is creating predictability, reducing risk and value for money for my colleagues and customers. 

    It’s all about people

    If you are looking for a company where it is all about people, Jotun is the right place to be. If you are willing to work with the right attitude and values, Jotun will give you the opportunities desired.

    Melvin’s Jotun-journey:
    • 2008-2010: International Purchasing Trainee, Malaysia
    • 2010-2012: Regional Category Manager, Purchasing, Malaysia
    • 2012-to date: Regional Category Manager, Indirect Materials, Norway

  • Meet Yvonne - Project Management

    Yvonne Ding

    Position: Market Intelligence/Project Manager

    Yvonne Ding

    Jotun gives me the opportunity to work around the world and invest in my journey to build my competence. 
    -         Yvonne Ding

    Becoming the preferred partner
    Yvonne work in ISM, a sales team under Protective Coatings. The team consist of 18 people in 10 countries, and their main target is to ensure Jotun as an approved supplier of Protective Coatings to a number of identified global customers within all Protective concepts.  - Our main task is to build Jotun as a preferred partner globally, and to have an updated overview of our clients’ activities worldwide, Yvonne says. 

    Meeting customer expectations

    For me personally, I find it very interesting to live and work in a new country, to meet new people and a new culture – and share my skills and background in a dynamic working environment. My job is to collect and consolidate information and resources about customers and projects to support ISM team by continuously analysing data, CRM training, monitoring activities in order to make sure their expectations are met and for them to make sound and rational priorities and decisions. Yvonne says.

    Make your dream come true
    I would say that Jotun is an international company with a warm environment – penguins will always stick to their values; Respect, Loyalty, Boldness and Care. And if you want to develop your competence, Jotun can make your dreams come true.

    After completing her Short-Term Assignment, Yvonne now works as Project Manager/Market Intelligence in Shanghai. 

    Yvonne’s Jotun-journey:
    • 2015-2016 Marketing Analysis Executive
    • 2016-2017 Market Intelligence Executive
    • 2017-2018 Short Term Assignment in Norway – ISM, Protective
    • 2018.05-to date: Market Intelligence/Project Manager