Varnishes or wood treatment products

Wood is a natural material which gives a warm and sophisticated impression of your boat, but a high quality varnish is needed to enhance and protect its beauty. Most people are concerned about the gloss level of the varnish, however it is important to remember that the varnish is the only protection for the wood against the harsh marine environment.

Sun, sea and wind are all affecting wood throughout the season and varnishes have to be efficient and provide the following characteristics: 

  • Protect the wood against its main enemy - UV light - which attacks the natural fibers in the wood.
  • Wood protection against its main enemy - UV light - sea water, rain, wind and dust.
  • Preserve and enhance the wood’s natural beauty. 
The best way of achieving a perfect result when varnishing is to allow enough time for preparations and pay attention to detail. Make sure you have as much time for the preparations as for the varnishing itself and use high quality brushes.