Colour Design by Jotun reveals the colour trends of the coming decade

Jotun has launched 12 new colours, perfectly matched with eight timeless hues – a palette of 20 beautiful shades to reflect the optimism and opportunity that 2020 brings.

The arrival of a new decade turns our minds to new beginnings, ambitions and hopes for the future. For many of us, it is a time to think about the changes we can make – both to ourselves and to our homes – that will help us express ourselves, set our intentions and live our best lives.
Often, it starts with colour. The shades with which we surround ourselves have the power to change our moods and mindsets. Colour determines the atmosphere of a home and expresses the personality of the people who live in it. So, when we want to make a change in our everyday lives, the colour of our home is a good place to start.
Every year, Jotun’s Global Colour Manager Lisbeth Larsen and her international network of colour consultants in key cities across South-East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Scandinavia conduct extensive research into global trends in design and colour – and the human behaviours and social currents behind them. Back at Jotun’s base in Sandefjord, Norway, their insights are translated into a distinct palette of new shades – the colours that define the year ahead. At such an important time as the beginning of a new decade, that process is all the more significant.
‘The cusp of a new decade is an especially meaningful time of transition, when the colours we surround ourselves with can carry extra resonance,’ says Larsen. ‘They are infused with hope and determination. They can represent our aspirations to learn or travel more; our intention to be more mindful or meditative; our resolve to give ourselves space to create and licence to dream.’
The 12 new shades of 2020 Colour Design by Jotun each express a particular aspiration, a facet of contemporary living, or a distinct character trait. From the protective earthiness of Grounded Red to the bold and creative Statement Blue, the intellectual sophistication of Wisdom to the playful exuberance of Lively Red, Jotun’s 12 new colours are all designed to inspire a specific emotional reaction.

Alongside their emotional impact, the new colours have also been designed with practicality in mind. The Jotun team have matched each of the 12 shades with colours from the Timeless range – a collection of eight existing shades chosen for their enduring appeal and versatility. 2020 Colour Design by Jotun includes details of effective colour combinations, allowing users to mix and match colours to express their identities and aspirations. 

‘A vision come true’ 
Watch the video below presenting the detailed work behind developing the new colours:

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