Digital guidelines

Our digital guidelines assists in keeping our consistent Jotun look and feel. In all digital media it is important to be clear that Jotun or it's endorsed brands are the originators of communication. Make use of these guidelines when creating content for new, existing and other digital channels featuring Jotun.

For our main website we use Tridion from SDL as our main content management solution (CMS). The CMS automatically handles most of the corporate design and layout elements described below. 

Please contact Global Web Manager in Jotun whenever presence on a digital channel is planned to be established. He or she will be able to give advise and assist in correct use of digital guidelines.

sRGB is our default colour space used and to always be applied when editing images. Always apply and save minumum sRGB colour space as standard.

Images used for digital representation on screen should follow our standard image sizes, as closely as possible. For images that are used on the images are to be exactly these standardized sizes. Images should have 72 or 96 pixel per inch resolution, but can have higher depending on intended use.

Always use the standard image sizes whenever possible:

Standard image sizes on Jotun websites

JPEG format is to be used for images in general. PNG format is to be used for graphics and logos. Avoid applying too much compression that affects image quality.
Other formats are allowed, but format should be related to intended use.
Images and graphics intended for print should be saved at minimum 300dpi.
Best practice: 

  • Make images hyperlinked
  • Add a descriptive caption to images 
  • Fill in relevant meta-data for images

Jotun logo

Follow Corporate Identity guidelines for correct use of logo. 

Minimum size of the logo depends on area of use, however, rule of thumb is having a logo big enough in order for our penguin and company to be adequately visible. When using the Jotun logo with pay-off, make sure that the pay-off text is readable. 

Jotun logo should always contain a link leading back to start or home screen.

Jotun logo on Jotun blue background
Jotun logo with payoff on Jotun blue background


Use the favicon provided as attachment or as used on

Jotun favicon


Preferably use icons from the Font Awesome icon set. When using custom icons make sure they are consistent visually.

Social media icons and navigation icons for Jotun websites
Social media and breadcrumb icons


When creating custom buttons use recommended colours from the Digital colour palettes, and select a solid colour or create a gradient.
Best practice: 

  • Use rounded corners on buttons 
  • Add drop shadow on button text 
  • Maintain consistency on all buttons

Best practise call to action buttons

Image references

Include all necessary copyrights references on images and graphical productions when relevant.