Meet our employees

Jotun employs more than 9 800 people worldwide, and we offer a wide range of career opportunities. Meet our people from different cultures and find out what life is like in Jotun.

  • Meet Yvonne - Assistant Marketing Manager, China

    Yvonne Wang

    On improving efficiency

    Yvonne Wang talks about efficiency

    Yvonne Wang

    For me, efficiency is all about setting targets, learning to communicate and working to develop your own competence. Before I begin my week, I set goals for each day and take time to distinguish between what is important and what is urgent. For big projects that require detailed planning, such as new product launches, I work in close cooperation with my team so that we all know our roles and exactly what is required of each of us to achieve our target. This requires good communication and teamwork. Finally, I participate in as many Jotun Academy programmes as I can and make a special effort to use my new skills at work until they become habits.

  • Meet Theresia - Customer Service, Indonesia

    Theresia Ninuk Wulandari

    On what makes a good team

    Theresia likes team work

    Theresia Ninuk Wulandari

    There are 23 of us in the Customer Service Department, and because Jotun is growing so fast in Indonesia, we have been very busy. It can be stressful, but we in Customer Service and Logistics work as a team. And if there are complicated issues that we cannot solve, we can always rely on our Head of Department or colleagues in other departments for help. One thing I really like about Jotun is that we work as a family, and live by Jotun values.

  • Meet V. Ramanathan - Team Lead (Finance) - Matrix Global Roll Out, Jotun U.A.E.

    V. Ramanathan

    On loyalty to Jotun

    V. Ramanathan is a loyal employee who is dedicated to his work at Jotun

    V. Ramanathan

    I started my career with Jotun in 1992 in the Finance Department of Jotun U.A.E. Ltd.  As opportunities keeps arising in Jotun, I moved on to Jotun Abu Dhabi in 1995 to work as a Chief Accountant and now I am back again to Jotun U.A.E. Ltd. since 2012, to work under the new title.

    I work together with a very efficient and experienced global Matrix team being located in Malaysia, China, U.A.E. and Norway. My current career involves extensive travelling, training and certifying the super users in finance process as part of Matrix worldwide implementation.  I follow the implementation with continuous support to ensure uninterrupted business across various companies.

    Having worked in Jotun for so many years, it is a great opportunity for me in sharing my invaluable experience and knowledge that I gained, and also to spread Jotun values and culture in various Jotun companies wordwide.  This vast experience makes my job easy in motivating people and communicating the appropriate corporate guidelines to achieve our team goal.