The engineered wood industry (such as MDF) is evolving with an increasing demand to design interior furniture and fittings, including cabinets and shelving, that embrace the latest trends and aesthetic preferences. However, traditional coating methods such as liquid paints, lamination and veneer can often fall short when trying to keep up with these trends. As the engineered wood industry matures, it’s essential that we adopt new systems that deliver an enduring product, which traditional coating methods have yet to accomplish. Maintaining your competitive advantage requires change. Businesses that thrive have adapted to it, and are capitalizing on operational efficiencies that have not only improved the quality of their output, but their bottom line as well. 

At Jotun, we want to offer you products that not only give you the freedom to design, but also change the way you do business.  That's why we created Ultra One, a one-coat powder coating solution that gives your MDF and HDF products a premium finish with the performance to make them last.

Download the brochure and learn more about how Ultra One redefines the finish of engineered wood.

Brochure - Ultra One

Watch the video below to see Tom demonstrate the benefits of using Ultra one on your Engineered Wood (such as MDF) products.