In our design programme the purpose of typography differs significantly from the purposes of the logotype and corporate colours.
While these latter basic elements are solely or mainly for the purpose of creating identity, the role of typography is to communicate our messages which will vary considerably in content and objective.

Typography is important for readibility and is a vital element in our Corporate Identity.

Our corporate typefaces

Frutiger is available in several different versions: Neue Ultra Light, Neue Thin, Light, Light Italic, Roman, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Bold Condensed and Black.
Frutiger is recommended in all sort of forms, packaging, titles in advertisements and brochures, signs and on vehicles.

Times is also available in several different versions:
Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. Printers may have additional versions, but such versions should not be used.

Times is normally used for large volumes of printed body copy. NB: Also Frutiger may be used on large volumes of text.

Our two corporate typefaces, Frutiger and Times, can be used together in the same document. The whole brochure or document can also be Frutiger only.

Typeface for web and PowerPoint
The typeface Verdana is used for web and PowerPoint.

Typeface for stationery
The standard typeface for stationery (digital letters, newsletters etc.) is Verdana, but you may also use Times New Roman.
For printed material, Frutiger is preferred.

Local (ethnic) alternatives to latin typefaces

In our world wide corporate work we must take the following into consideration:

Thai typefaces
Frutiger is replaced by DB Fongnam
Times is replaced by EAC Kannika
Both typefaces are available in several versions.

Arabic typefaces
In the Middle East, Frutiger and Times are replaced by Damascus.
Damascus is available in several versions:
Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic.

Chinese typefaces
Frutiger and Times are replaced by Changcheng heiti, Songit and YouYuan.

Korean typefaces
In Korean language, Frutiger and Times are replaced by the font Gulim.
This font is available in several versions: Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic.