Jotun brands for paints and coatings

Select one of the brands to find the products providing the solutions that fulfill your needs.


The Barrier range of coatings comprises different epoxy technologies and high quality zinc dust in various combinations. The tailored variants will cover your need in any market; from the light industry inland to the severe corrosive environments offshore.


Jotachar is the oil and gas industry’s first mesh free next generation solution for hydrocarbon and jet fires. When exposed to a fire, Jotachar produces a robust and temperature stable insulating char whilst risks associated with incorrect mesh installation are eliminated. Without the need for additional mesh reinforcement, installation time is significantly reduced allowing substantial savings in both the material and labour costs of a project.


Jotacote is a leading, reliable, innovative brand delivering tailor made solutions for corrosion protection of new steel for the marine industry.


Jotafloor is our range of coatings and systems that protect and extend the lifetime of floors. Its protective qualities safeguard against chemical spills, heavy traffic, abrasions and other impacts, whilst providing a range of colours that are aesthetically pleasing.


Jotamastic is the market leading surface tolerant brand delivering long-lasting corrosion protection where optimum surface preparation is not possible or desirable. It has more than 25 years proven track record.


The Jotapipe range of liquid and powder coatings for pipelines has been designed to meet the corrosion protection challenges of the oil & gas, water and mining industries head on – at any time and under any condition.


Jotatemp is a fit-for-purpose range of coatings specifically made for onshore oil and gas facilities. From the lowest temperatures of liquid gas, to the highest temperatures of burning hydrocarbons, Jotatemp brand products can safeguard assets and enhance performance.


The Marathon range consists of high build, high solids epoxy coatings with exceptional abrasion resistance. This combination makes for very strong and durable coatings providing long term protection in harsh environments and/or challenging areas.


The Resist range comprises coatings with silicate and high quality zinc dust in various combinations. The tailored variants will cover your need in any market; from the light industry inland to the severe corrosive environments offshore.


The SeaConomy range is the optimal choice if you are looking for a good antifouling solution fit for tight operational budgets. Derived from Jotun’s long experience with Ion-exchange technology, the range provides a high volume solids economical solution for hull protection – designed to meet your need.


SeaLion range is the preferred choice of antifouling if you are looking for a biocide free solution. It is based on one of the most advanced fouling release technologies - Nanorepellent Technology - and is recognized as one of the most advanced Fouling Release Coatings (FRC) in the market today.


SeaMate - the premium self-polishing antifouling is suitable for all types of vessels trading worldwide and especially designed for excellent fouling protection. A reliable fuel saving alternative where long term investment in time and money matters.


SeaQuantum is the leading silyl acrylate antifouling globally and has been applied to over 10,000 vessels. These state-of-the-art chemically hydrolysing antifouling coatings provide excellent fouling protection and incomparable hull performance up to 90 months.


The Tankguard range consists of zinc silicate, epoxy and epoxy novolac coatings for both transport and storage of a wide variety of chemicals.