Four people sitting at a table laughing
Four people sitting at a table laughing

Diversity in action

Jotun recognises the importance of having a diverse and inclusive workforce. By building a culture of belonging and creating a welcoming workplace, Jotun can foster innovation and encourage collaboration.

Jotun’s employees, potential recruits, collaborative partners, customers, and suppliers are becoming increasingly diverse. To stay competitive, the company must mirror current and future customers and consumers. Jotun seeks to attract and develop talent across all diversity groups and respect and appreciate differences to create a good work environment.

Jotun’s Diversity and Inclusion policy is aligned with relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals, including goal number 8 (promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all). Sustained and inclusive economic growth can drive progress, create decent jobs for all and improve living standards. Jotun’s goal is not only to provide for Jotun employees and their families, but to contribute to development of the societies where we operate by establishing good working conditions, ensuring decent salaries, providing equal opportunities, and supporting minorities in the labour market.  

Jotun companies all have different starting points and face different realities navigating local labour markets. Nevertheless, all Jotun companies are required to make conscious efforts to ensure that their workforce mirrors the societies where they operate, expressed in gender, age, professions, ethnicity or nationality, disability, sexual orientation, religious, political and/or social backgrounds. Furthermore, Jotun employees are expected to act as inclusive colleagues, and to respect and recognize the contribution and value of all colleagues.  

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Two young apprentices in the IT department at the headquarter in Norway

Talent and attraction

Attract, develop and attain talents across all diversity divisions

Two people in a Chinese Multicolor shop choosing colours from Jotuns new global colour card Together

Market and consumers

We must mirror current and future customers and consumers to stay competitive

Sigrid Nordengen is a Norwegian working for Group Purchasing in China

Culture and values

Respect and appreciate differences. Inclusive workspaces foster bold and loyal employees

A female and a male scientist in the R&D centre in Norway

Innovation power

When encouraged diversity of thought and experience creates innovation power

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Women attending an internal conference in Jotun

Preparing employees for the future

Jotun employees’ ability to learn and expand their competencies is crucial for talent retention, success in their current roles and qualification for future roles. Therefore, It’s vital for us to ensure that employees have ample opportunities for career development. 

Yi Huang has a global career within Jotun

Citizen of the world

Yi Huang’s willingness to embrace opportunities has led to a truly global career with Jotun.