Strong growth, but lower margins for Jotun

Sandefjord, October 6, 2022: Jotun increased both operating revenue and operating profit year to date. However, the operating margin was challenged by high raw material prices and significant global unrest.

Market status

Increased sales volume and prices led to strong topline growth for Jotun during the first and second tertiary 2022. Operating revenue came in at NOK 18 243 million, up 22 per cent from the same period last year. All segments (Decorative Paints, Protective Coatings, Marine Coatings and Powder Coatings) delivered double-digit sales growth.

“We are satisfied with the development. It is great to see that the marine newbuilding market has recovered after a difficult period. We also see sales improving within ship maintenance products, protective coatings and decorative paints”, President & CEO Morten Fon says.

President and CEO Morten Fon
President and CEO Morten Fon

Global challenges

The positive development comes in a time of major global challenges. The war in Ukraine is affecting the raw material markets and creating an energy crisis in Europe. In addition, there are persistent challenges in global supply chains.

“The geopolitical imbalance puts international trade under pressure. However, our people throughout the world have handled the demanding situation well”, Fon says.

Consequently, costs have increased. Even though Jotun’s operating profit rose to NOK 2 653 million, the operating margin came in below the level seen last year.



Going forward, Jotun expects continued sales growth. The high raw material prices will still be a challenge. However, there are signs that raw material prices have now peaked and started to ease. In addition, challenges related to the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, the global supply chain issues, and the Covid-19 pandemic persist.

“The world around us is characterised by unrest and uncertainty. However, our organisation is robust and intact, and we are ready for continued growth”, Fon says.

Jotun is well-positioned for further profitable growth, and the company remains committed to its long-term growth strategy and investment plans.


Key financials

(NOK mill)

T2 2022

T2 2021


Operating revenue

9 783

7 534

30 %

Operating profit

1 510

1 027

47 %

Profit before tax 

1 256


38 %


(NOK mill)

T1 + T2 2022

T1 + T2 2021


Operating revenue

18 243

14 975

22 %

Operating profit

2 653

2 496

6 %

Profit before tax 

2 236

2 315

–3 %


For more information

Morten Fon, President & CEO, +47 909 19 822,

Asne Vitterso Kvamme, Group Communications Director, +47 99244648,

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