Be proud of who you are

In Jotun, we want everyone to feel safe, be proud of their identity and apply their whole self at work. Meet nine Jotun employees who share their experiences in our brand-new film.

Our more than 10,200 proud employees on all continents represent 90 nationalities, all ages, professions, backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. This is why we say that the Jotun organisation is the very definition of diversity. 

“We are a people-oriented company, built on Loyalty, Care, Respect and Boldness. Our success comes from the ability to adapt and evolve our company culture”, says President & CEO Morten Fon. 

He is one out of nine Jotun employees you’ll meet in the film, which was first presented on Diversity Day at Group Headquarters in Sandefjord on June 21 2022. 

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Faten Lubani. Photo: Heidi Marie Goperod

Diversity in the workplace pays off

“Focusing on diversity and inclusion gives huge benefits – both on an individual and corporate level”, says Faten Lubani in Globale Sandefjord and Åsmund Bergem in Jotun.

Joyful employees at Jotun Philippines encouraged to bring their true self to work every day

Proud diversity celebration in the Philippines

During their very own diversity campaign this month, the employees at Jotun Philippines are encouraged to bring their true self to work every day.

Happy people forming the word JOTUN

Stepping up the game on diversity

As an increasingly global company in an increasingly diversified world, Jotun is embracing differences amongst our more than 10,200 employees.