The Jotun Multicolor story

Jotun's colour tinting system, Multicolor, is world leading with over 9,000 installations in more than 100 countries. Multicolor has been the strategic tool for Jotun in the Decorative Paints Segment since the introduction back in 1976. The Multicolor concept was the strategic edge in Norway in the beginning and later in several fast-developing paint markets all over the world.

Best in colour selection

A nice looking and inspiring design attract customers to our Jotun paint shops all over the world. Jotuns colour selection tools are developed based on consumer needs and makes it easy to select, sell and buy paint.

Jotun offer a complete in-shop concept containing the best-selling and trendy colours that are handpicked by our own colour experts. The represented colours are especially made for looking good on large surfaces and are represented in colour cards, take-home colour samples and painted samples - yearly updated with the latest trends. Jotuns colour selection tools are preferred by designers and architects worldwide and our ambition are to always make it easy to choose colours and suitable colour combinations – making everyone a colour expert.

The Jotun Multicolor centers and Shop-in-Shop solutions are the main consumer interface and are a major part of the consumer decision process.  As a part of the in-shop concept we offer fandecks and advanced colour measuring tools that makes it easy to reproduce any desired colour.

Provide colour assortment with highest quality and accuracy

In all markets, Jotun offers the most innovative products and the most accurate and best-looking colours to ensure the high-quality end-result. This is ensured by dedicated expert teams working with colour design, colour technology, colorants, hardware and software.

Jotun Research and Development teams ensure that our products have the best colour quality, correct opacity and weathering fastness. Jotun delivers long-lasting products and colours which stand out for wear and tear.

With our tailor-made combination of bases and colorants we can create more than 250.000 colours, matching any colour at your fingertips.

Problem free and easy to use tinting system

A key element in the Jotun Multicolor concept is our unique tinting software, Jotun Colour Manager. This tinting software is intuitive and the touchscreen with user-friendly navigation makes it easy for anyone to use, ensuring a fast and reliable workflow when selling products and colours.

Another important element in our concept is the Jotun Global Network, which is an online infrastructure that ensures our tinting systems always are up to date with Jotuns latest innovations of colours and products.

By always offering the latest OS and security updates we ensure reliability, online service and back-up that helps us to reduce downtime for our over 9000 tinting machines. Together with Jotuns in-shop-concept and software, our tinting system enable us to reproduce colours accurately and efficiently.

Enhancing the image of the paint shops

Multicolor centre with appealing trend colours

Jotun's Multicolor systems and the shop display system give the paint shops an image of being technologically modern and professional.

We strive to make dealing with Jotun products a good experience for all target groups, the shop front being clean, tidy, stand out and being attractive.