Hull Performance Solutions (HPS)

One of the most attractive investments in shipping today

The condition of a ship’s underwater hull surface has a substantial impact on its energy efficiency – both at the new build stage (impact on EEDI) and for the vessel in operation (impact on EEOI).  Around 1/10 of the world fleet’s fuel consumption can be attributed to poor hull and propeller performance (MEPC63-4-8).  This translates into around USD 30 billion in additional fuel cost and around 0.3% of all man-made carbon emissions.

Reduce fuel cost and greenhouse gas emissions
Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions are designed to make it easy to maximise hull performance and thereby reduce both fuel cost and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  The solutions combine state-of-the-art antifouling and application technologies with reliable performance measurements and high performance guarantee.

No cure – no pay high performance guarantee
Hull Performance Solutions from Jotun can be expected to deliver a 15% propulsion efficiency gain and a 8.5% fuel cost and GHG emission saving as compared to a market average alternative. The pay-back period is usually less than 1 year. Since Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions include reliable performance measurement and a no-cure-no-pay high performance guarantee, investment risk is limited as compared to typical investment alternatives.

Documented high performance

With our Hull Performance Solutions we have made it our business to deliver documented high performance – not only high performance paint. This means we have to deliver excellence across the value chain. An HPS management team works together with dedicated resources from our global sales, logistics and technical service organisations as well as R&D and an increasing network of technical partners to ensure that every application becomes a success story. 

Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions offer substantial fuel cost and GHG emissions saving, combined with a short payback period and limited risk.

Hull Performance Solutions for newbuilding projects

The HPS Newbuilding Solution is aimed at yards delivering vessels with eco-design and who want to maximise the energy efficiency at both speed trial and in operation.

The foundation of the HPS Newbuilding Solution is SeaQuantum X200.
In addition comes 3 upgrade components:

Smooth application package
Hull roughness impacts the results at speed trial. This package combines comprehensive technical service with an optimised anticorrosive system. Jotun measures average roughness on the underwater hull surface and offers a money-back guarantee.

Outfitting Protection Package
Keeping the hull slime and fouling free through the outfitting period is a challenge. The outfitting protection package includes a final coat of SeaQuantum X200-S which has superior resistance to slime and fouling. Any fouling incurred over the docking may have a major impact on the attained Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI). With the a clean hull at speed trial the yards will avoid costly re-dock or under water hull cleaning which is time consuming and may increase hull roughness.

Transferable High Performance Guarantee
A 60 month high performance guarantee with cash back if average speed loss exceeds 1.5% over 60 months which may be transferred from the yard to the owner. This component gives the yards an opportunity to differentiate themselves by extending from a typical 12 months standard guarantee to a 60 month high performance cash back guarantee.
We are confident that Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions is one of the most attractive investment opportunities in shipping today.