Offshore Installations

Jotun is a global market leader for offshore corrosion and fire protection, and throughout the last five decades we have worked closely with offshore oil and gas customers. Our high performance coatings and reliable solutions protect thousands of offshore installations worldwide.  Jotun is your business partner, supporting you to achieve your targets and protect your property.

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Since the NORSOK Standard M-501 was introduced in 1994 it has gained acceptance as a valid means of documentation for coating systems used on offshore structures.  Jotun has a number of systems that have been tested and pre-qualified, including coatings that have shown excellent results over the last 25 years.

Coating system no. 1

Carbon steel with maximum operating temperature < 120°C
–  Structural steel
–  Exteriors of equipment, vessels, piping and valves (not insulated)

NORSOK Systems No 1

Coating system no. 2

Carbon steel with operating temperature > 120°C
–  All insulated surfaces of tanks, vessels, piping
–  Flare booms and crane booms
Underside of bottom deck included piping, jacket above splash zone and life boat stations are optional areas (to be decided in each project)

NORSOK Systems No 2

Coating system no. 3

Internal of carbon steel tanks

NORSOK Systems No 3

Coating system no. 4

Walkways, escape routes and lay down areas

NORSOK Systems No 4

Coating system no. 5

Under passive fire protection

NORSOK Systems No 5

Coating system no. 6

Stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised steel

NORSOK Systems No 6

Coating system no. 7

Submerged carbon steel and carbon steel in the splash zone
Submerged stainless steel and stainless steel in the splash zone

NORSOK Systems No 7

Coating system no. 8

Structural carbon steel with operating temperature ≤80°C in internal and fully dry and ventilated areas

NORSOK Systems No 8

Coating system no. 9

Bulk supplied carbon steel valves with operating temperature up to 150°C

NORSOK Systems No 9